The life of faith

Life of faith is life of communion with God.  It is possible to live on faith only when there is a rediscovery of the meaning of God’s presence in our personal and community life.  God must be given the place He deserves because He is the only, the supreme love.  He should be the centre of our thoughts, our choices, and our decisions.

Woman in deep thought
“I felt His loving presence”

This life of faith that is centred in God develops concretely by:

  • walking in His presence (Gen 17:1) with humble respect towards Him who walks with us
  • listening to His Word with an attitude of silence in order to give all the interior resonances that converts, touches and transforms
  • putting ourselves in communion with Him with a prayer of faith that acknowledges our limitations and weaknesses in doing any good work; the need of depending continuously on God through a constant recourse to Him
  • recognising the essential value of adoration in the Liturgy and in the personal commitment of prayer.  This is a complete journey of grace which is suggested to us and that we have to follow with humility and fidelity

Saint Annibale says:

If only we would often meditate on the truth of faith, if we would often be recollected at the divine presence, if we would love meditation and be perseverant in it for hours, and moreover, if we would keep in mind during the whole day and in our every action the mysteries of faith, what supernatural changes would take place in us!  Little by little, a ray of God’s infinite light would penetrate us while the darkness would be filled with divine light… and Heavenly fire would inflame our hearts and would efficaciously stir our will (A R p165)

Lord of the Harvest send laborers… p23-24 | Image courtesy of

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