Mother Nazarena, our legacy

Madre Maria NazarenaHer life was exemplary, her faith deeply rooted in Christ of the Rogate, her commitment and fidelity beyond compare. On 25 January 2014 in Marikina (Philippines) we celebrated Madre Maria Nazarena Majone‘s 75th year of her death anniversary.  It was at this celebration that the little knowledge I had about her was deepened. I am grateful for the relentless efforts of Sr Darlen Pardillo and Sr Dolores Acluba who did everything to unveil the secrets of Mother Nazarena, especially her spirituality.

From the first moment I was in contact with the Sisters, I knew Mother Nazarena as a co-foundress of the Institute. Nothing less, nothing more, I knew just the basic information about her, like any other ordinary person whom I had met.

Madre Nazarena with Children
Madre Nazarena with Children

Mother Nazarena’s teaching about life is so simple. From the very outset of her life as an aspirant of the Institute of our Father Founder, Fr Annibale Maria Di Francia (Fr Hannibal), Mother Nazarena was convinced of her vocation.  She knew that the very essence of her life was Christ. I really admire her when she says “if Jesus is here, we have everything”.  This happened when she and her friend Carmela D’Amore visited and saw the place where they were planning to plunge themselves into following Christ and serving their neighbour with a burning holy desire.

What really inspired me in the course of the three-day celebration were:

  • the pains and sufferings that Mother Nazarena bore,
  • her faith and trust as she put everything into the hands of God, knowing the fact that the Institute was new and yet to be established,
  • her obedience to the will of God and to Fr Hannibal and
  • how she humbled herself in submission to authority.

As a young Daughter of Divine Zeal, I treasure what I have learned about Mother Nazarena’s life. I do not have to look at the other models of faith because she and the Father Founder are enough to teach me the way of sanctity and perfection in following the Lord. Her life and my life do not have much difference. Her calling is my calling too. All I have to do is try to intensify my relationship with God and to remain faithful in my commitment of loving Him.

Sr Lillette Marie V Naquita, fdz

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