Life beyond teaching

Life is the most precious gift that we have receive from God.  Life is not just about appreciating the gifts I personally have but also the gifts that come along my way and become part of my life’s treasures. The children who are in dire need of care and love and most especially wisdom are some of my dearest treasures. When God called me to become a catechesis teacher in the Tahanang Divino Zelo (with the Daughters of Divine Zeal) Silang, Cavite in the Philippines every Sunday, I felt that this was the time of giving service to children.

Children playing
It is quite inspiring and encouraging when in the first hour of the morning I can already see the smiles that rush upon the children’s faces and their eyes that speak of their hunger to learn more. I know that there is a need to instil in them this: “To know God is the first stage of wisdom”.

At first it was very hard for me to teach the children because they come from different families, influences and backgrounds. But as time went by, with all the things I have learned from their lives, sharing simple thoughts and complicated experiences, I began to love it, and to engage in the exchange of different ideas with them, sharing their cries and laughter. This somehow opened our doors to start caring and be comfortable with one another.

I know that the knowledge that I impart with them may not be enough but I believe that with the little I do share with them, I can slowly help them to discover and enhance the giftedness they have as a person created by God. This gives me a life beyond teaching.

Ms Cherry Solero, UPV
3rd Year Education
Rogationist College-Silang, Cavite, Philippines

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