We remember, we celebrate, we live

Two FDZ PostulantsThe 75th Death Anniversary of Mother Nazarena (25 January), Co-foundress of FDZ Congregation was the occasion for all members of Rogate family gathering to review her legacy. With the presence of Sr Lisa and Sr Rita, representatives of our Mother General – Teolinda Salemi and her council. Moreover, the day’s events were really meaningful because of the 75 poor families invited. In the homily of Fr Herman (RCJ), he repeated many times the word of Mother Nazarena: “If we have Jesus, we have everything”.

Mother Nazarena was a simple woman but “Her heart full of love”. Yes, Mother’s heart was full of love for she always saw Jesus in the poor and the orphans. Although she did not have many writings, her life was a treasure for me to learn about; especially, about how she entrusted to the will and providence of God in every circumstance of her life.

For me as a Postulant I have learned how to trust God more and to be humble enough to acknowledge that I am nothing and that God is all, following the example of Mother Nazarena.

Poverty is not only the lack of material things.  Through the poor people whom I met on that day, I was reminded that I am also a poor person in front of God, and I must hope in His mercy.

Lucia Bui Thi Huyen Linh

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