A journey inward… onward!

My day to day experiences serve as filters through which I am able to know myself better and to get to know more about Jesus inside out. The longings of my soul and the call of mission are forces that haunt me powerfully. Thus, with conviction to follow my life’s project, commitment and perseverance become my allies.


Combating my own struggles in the midst of doubts and inner conflicts, I acknowledge that indeed discernment requires patience, honesty and interiority.

Thankful for the opportunity of a week-long retreat before going to Vintar in the Philippines as my new assignment, I was able to re-discover and verify my own calling and uniqueness, my passion, my vision and my mission as a Daughter of Divine Zeal.

Inward… once in my journey I was like Alice in Wonderland:

She comes upon a crossroads.
She stops and wonders which path to take.
She doesn’t know what to do. Suddenly she notices a hare.
She runs to meet him and says, “I have come to a crossroads;
could you tell me which path I should take?”
The hare asks her, “where do you want to go?”
shrugging her shoulders, Alice replies, “I don’t know!”
“Well then, young lady,” answers the hare, “You may take either path.”

Then God reminded me:  “you did not choose Me. It is I who chose you... (Jn 15:16)” Fascinated – and it still fascinates me – God chose me! It assured me once again of His loving presence.

Thus, I take the path Onward…

Rogate – pray! Image courtesy of Sr Elvira Plazuelo fdz

The simplicity of life in Vintar influences my day to day choices. My first real experience in pastoral work offers me ample opportunity to be in communion with myself, with people of diverse cultures and beliefs and above all  with our Mother Nature. Again, I am challenged to journey onward and assimilate the reality of ROGATE where I am sent by the congregation. The journey may at times  be mountainous, or at times continuously flowing, or sometimes dry and stony but who can separate us from the LOVE and MERCY of God?

Indeed, … facing the change can CHANGE everything!

Sr M Connie Borjal, fdz


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