Quench from thirst

There are times when I feel like I am so thirsty and I just want to be quenched from that dryness.  My prayer moments and my relationship with the Lord through people around me are ways  to satisfy this dry feeling. I see things and events with God’s grace in the eyes of faith. And I am grateful to the Lord for sustaining me and my journey with the richness of His love and blessing.

One of the blessings I received recently is the opportunity to attend the Permanent Formation Course (May 2014), organised for the Sisters of the Madonna della Guardia Delegation. The topics discussed are truly the font of our life and spirit as Daughters of Divine Zeal. The whole course was a deepening of what I have heard in the past, some new insights and most of them were eye openers. It has brought me new light and a new challenge for a better FDZ life.


Visiting the historical places where our religious family started, brought me unspeakable joy and gladness. It was a very awesome feeling to once again kneel before the uncorrupted corpse of Father Founder, St Hannibal, and in front of the tomb of Mother Nazarena, and I offered prayers for all the Sisters especially for the establishment of the Our Lady of Divine Zeal Province.  To them both I presented each member of the circumscription.

Through this enriching experience, I felt quenched of that deep desire within me.

Let us keep our prayers united for the journey ahead of us!

Sr M Grace Elvira Plazuelo, fdz
Rome, Italy


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