On the threshold of a new beginning

Nothing stays, everything flows.

Change can come in two forms:  for the better or for the worse.  But for the Daughters of Divine Zeal in the Philippines, the “change” that is taking place is a moving forward, a challenge to combat and an opportunity for growth.

Our Lady of Divine Zeal ProvinceThe 1st of June is a very special day for the two Congregations founded by St Annibale Maria Di Francia:  the Daughters of Divine Zeal of the Heart of Jesus and the Rogationists Fathers.  This year has been extra special because the Our Lady of Divine Zeal Delegation began a new chapter of its existence as the Our Lady of Divine Zeal Province.

An opening Liturgy was held at 9:00am in our Chapel, attended by all the Sisters.  A symbolic sand offering was made by each one, a gesture of the individual willingness to be part of this “new Province builder” through hard work, trust, sweat, joy, fidelity and love.  Yes, as one ought to expect, a new beginning implies deeper, newer challenges, tougher works and all aspects of preparation.  This change, this gift, this chance, this new thrust for each Sister, each Superior and each member of the Province is likened to a small seed that we all just planted in the ground.  It needs to be watered and be placed in the spot where the sun will soak it with its warmth.  This means that our efforts alone cannot make it grow and bear fruit.  It is through the blessings of the God, the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the “warmth of the Sun” of Justice that all our endeavours will fructify and will grow “into a large tree where the birds build their nests…”

Personally, this new threshold we are just entering is scary to venture into but I tell myself that life is always full of this.  Yet, is it not the best moment where our faith is best tested, our unity strengthened, our vocations challenged, enriched and shared?  Send us forth, O Lord…

Sr M Jeanette C Barsanas, fdz

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