Called to be ministers

There are times in life when one feels excited, inspired, burning with zeal about one’s life and commitment. There are moments too when one seems to be dragging oneself upon waking up until bedtime! This can happen in both our human and spiritual life. Times of retreat, recollections and the like are saving moments… more so during this time of our Annual Retreat, where the Theme was “With Christ Reviving Our Apostolic Life”.  This was indeed timely as we had just concluded the school year. In the seemingly resting period, it was an occasion to be recharged and revived.

Sister reflects
To sit, to reflect, to remember, to pray…

We are grateful for the opportunity the Congregation gave us and for the place, it may not have been be perfect but the coolness of it mattered a lot! It was a providence one after the other, the venue and the Retreat facilitator! Fr Mars was the right person at the right time. He is our brother as we have the same Father!

Personally, as we were led back to the origin of Religious Life and our call, I came to appreciate more and more God’s call for me to the Religious Life. I remembered the person (Benedictine Sister) who was instrumental for me to recognize God’s call. Then the call to be a Daughter of Divine Zeal… dramatic and unique, from not wanting to finding myself belonging to this beloved Congregation. How the call is sustained day by day is so amazing.

FDZ Sisters - Philippines
One thing that really touched me during this retreat was the thought that Fr Mars mentioned: “We are called to be ministers to others sanctification”. This made me think a lot and of course encouraged me to renew all the more my “YES” to Him. There was a time when discouragement slipped in, when I realised my unworthiness and sinfulness, However, Fr Mars made us realise that among the twelve apostles, one was a traitor – a denier and a skeptic. God calls us in spite of knowing our weaknesses, so we can be close to Him, always near Him, giving us His special attention because He wants us to be ministers for others sanctification. We have our models to imitate, our beloved Padre, the beautiful teachings of our present Pope, Francis, our Mother General, Mother Teolinda Salemi and the example and guidance of our Blessed Mother on how she lived her vocation… Her “FIAT” was from the beginning up to the end… she never changed!

Sr Rosemarie Borreta, fdz


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