Goodbye Delegation, hello Province

Welcome to our new Our Lady of Divine Zeal Province

The day has come to bid goodbye to the Our Lady of Divine Zeal Delegation and to welcome the Our Lady of Divine Zeal Province. 

On 01 June 2014, we began a new chapter in our history, as a congregation and as a Delegation.  The ROGATE has grown and flourished in Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, thanks to our Sisters who planted the seed and watered it.  Yet, we all acknowledge that it is the Lord who has made it grow.

This day was a celebration of the old and the new, a difference not immediately perceptible and therefore the need to take time and be silent.  And this was what we did during the first day of our being a Province:  To ponder, to PRAY.  A liturgy of the Word was sent to all the communities of the circumscription to be celebrated at their convenient time.  We rejoice, we believe, we entrust… these sentiments were the theme of the liturgy and of the day.  The icon of the Trinity was used to help us in our reflection.

Sharing of Sr Bernaden Faderanga on the Journey of the Delegation
Sharing of Sr Bernaden Faderanga on the Journey of the Delegation

In the Philippines, within the community of Marikina, in the Seat of the Province, together with the community of Urdaneta, the liturgy of the Word was celebrated at 9:00 am, led by Sr Juanita.  When this was finished, Mother Elna met the community of Urdaneta and read to them the decree of the canonical erection of the community with Sr Juanita Pineda as the first Superior.  At 10:30 am, there was the celebration of the Eucharist presided by Fr Odair Novais, fmi.  It was a special celebration to thank the Lord for the erection of the new Province and to ask for graces and guidance for the journey ahead.

The day continued in an atmosphere of joy and celebration. There was a cake specially designed for this event.  On that day, all the members of the Province prayed the Prayer to the Holy Spirit to ask for enlightenment for the consultation which would start the following day. The prayer was printed in a card distributed to all.

Seeing how good the Lord has been to us, he who never forsakes us, we are indeed grateful and are filled with awe.  Looking to the future may cause us to be anxious about what lies ahead, yet we need not despair.  The Lord is walking with us.  The Spirit of God continues to create new things with every step, with each passing day.  It was God who set us on this journey.  It was his grace that sustained us and we believe that he will always continue to guide us on our way, giving the provisions we need along our journey.  Let us look back with gratitude and move forward with confidence, hand in hand!


Welcome to our new Province Council

The proclamation of the Provincial Superior and Councillors occurred yesterday (Wednesday 16 July 2014), on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.   Congratulations to:

  • Mother M Elna Casimsiman fdz (Provincial Superior)
  • Sr Josefina C De Vera fdz (Provincial Treasurer)
  • Sr Erlinda Huelar fdz (Councillor)
  • Sr M Dolores A Acluba fdz (Councillor)
  • Sr Gladys Q Manuel fdz (Councillor)
  • Sr M Sheilah C Gomez fdz (Councillor)

We thank the sisters of the outgoing government for the dedication with which they served the Delegation.

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