May people see Christ in her!

Being a psychology student, I have come across studies that have suggested that the incidence of depression is increasing. With the advancement of science and technology I find it ironic since life was supposed to become easier and comfortable, and people should be happier. However, it seems that more and more people are suffering from mental health issues. We often think that if we have all the luxuries in life, we will be happy. We feel that the lives of film stars are awesome whereas priests and nuns lead a hard and dull life. I have always wondered whether we have a distorted view of happiness. Is it like a mirage where we think if we move closer we will get there? Is this not just an illusion? Are we not looking for happiness in the wrong places?

I have known Sr Corazon for almost two years. What I have noticed is her calm, childlike, innocent nature and her smile which never seems to fade from her face. I have never seen her in an unpleasant state. I have always found her happy and joyful. I think it is the absolute trust and reliance on God that strengthens you and gives you the courage to face life’s adversities. Every individual encounters difficult situations and I feel the communion with God is what differentiates people and their outlook towards life.

We were very happy and excited for Sr Corazon’s final profession on 18 May 2014. It was a special day for the girls in Madre Nazarena Student’s House (MNSH) and we were looking forward to it. Sr Corazon was shining with happiness and looked beautiful as the bride of Jesus. I remember the priest saying that she looked holy. That was indeed true. I could see that Christ has specially chosen her to spread his hope and love amongst people. He has chosen her to spread His light in the darkness. I sincerely hope and wish that Sr Corazon may be instrumental in helping people to find true love, happiness and hope in Jesus Christ. May people see Christ in her!

MNSH Resident

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