There is no turning back

As I am graduating from university soon, I started to search for jobs. It is not easy to find a good job. The idea of committing most of my time to a company is hard for me as in university, independent learning is encouraged. It feels like not only my university life, but my freedom is also coming to an end. While I am feeling scared to face the next step of my life, I remember Sr Corazon. The first thought that came to me about her perpetual vows is that there is no turning back for Sr Corazon to the normal life. However, Sr Corazon faced this with excitement and this kept me wondering. Living in Madre Nazarena Student’s House (MNSH), I witness how the Daughters of Divine Zeal sisters do things in the house, even the small things, with happiness. It is like they are carrying with them a secret that lay people don’t understand.

After a job interview I had, Sr Floriana told me that whatever job I will get, the important thing is to be happy in doing that job. Because when we are happy, we are able to give and to help people around us, and to be able to do so is fulfilling the value of life.

And that’s when I got it. I realised that the secret is their special relationship with God. This secret makes them able to face every day life with radiating happiness. I myself can’t help being happy near them. By being happy, they are able to give themselves to serve other people around them. And by giving, they become rich in soul. Sr Corazon might live a vow of chastity, but that is okay because she has a special relationship with God. She might live a vow of obedience, but it makes her freer and happier. She might live a vow of poverty, and that is okay too, because she is already rich in soul that she can give herself to God and others.

Sr Corazon’s perpetual vow was on the 18th May 2014. During the Mass of this beautiful celebration, we were told about Sr Corazon’s journey till she finally arrived to this very special moment. At the very beginning of this journey, her parents did not like the idea of her being a nun. This has been a general issue faced by many parents of religious people. After the Mass, I discussed this with my friends, and one of them joked, “I would be totally okay if my daughter wants to become a sister. Well, if my daughter is a bride of Christ, then Jesus will be my son in law!” The statement sounded funny at first. But after I reflected about this again later on, I realised that the main concept behind the joke is very true. That Jesus somehow wants to connect with us through these special people He has chosen. Being friends with Sr Corazon, for example, means that I am a friend with a bride of Christ. Now the connection between me and Jesus seems closer! Through Sr Corazon and other religious people, Jesus shows how He wants to reach us from many different levels.

MNSH Resident

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