A grace-filled experience

On 26 January 2013 one of our communities in the Philippines decided to do the outreach program in one of the baranggay (village) under the Parish of St Michael the Archangel in Jala Jala, Rizal.

Sharing our gifts
Sharing our gifts

After Sr Gladys coordinated and visited the possible venue, the sisters, postulants and some of the Padre Annibale School (PAS) teachers joyfully travelled a long way that took us almost two hours to get to the convent of the sisters of Rural Missionaries of the Holy Trinity, where the outreach program would take place.  The Rural Missionaries had gathered the 125 children who would receive the goods as part of the sharing in the celebration our 125th anniversary of our foundation.  It was a touching experience to see the simple joy and gratitude in the eyes of the children.   They had such innocence and showed great interest while listening to the short Catechesis on the life of St Hannibal Mary di Francia and Mother Maria Nazarena Majone.  There were also some parents who had accompanied their children and participated in the program.

After the Catechesis, we celebrated the Holy Mass, officiated by Fr Gerald Metal, the Parish Priest of St Michael the Archangel.   Even in that short period of time, I could tell that what was happening would leave a certain kind of mark on the hearts of the children and adults – not just because they received gifts, but because there was a sharing of one’s presence, the moment of touching one’s life by listening and sharing in God’s love and joy.  I could not tell if they could memorize what I shared in the Catechesis but I was certain that God could reach and teach them the important lesson of our Christian Life which is Love for God and our neighbour.  Sharing with them the importance of praying for Vocations also challenged me to be more committed to live and propagate this.  Rogate is a prayer coupled with charity, and each Daughter of Divine Zeal is trying to live this in whatever apostolate or ministry we are involved.

After the gift giving, we had our lunch in a picnic grove and then left Jala jala at 2pm.  It was a wonderful and grace-filled experience for all of us.  THANKS BE TO GOD!

Sr Maria Luisa Luz, fdz

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