A hidden treasure

01 June is the day that marks the feast of our beloved Padre St Annibale Maria Di Francia is an annual event to be remembered throughout the Institute of the Daughters of Divine Zeal.  This is an opportunity to revive and share our origins which serves as an inspiration and encouragement. For me it made a difference this year because we have a new mission station in the diocese of Urdaneta, Pangasinan in the Philippines and introducing our Padre in this diocese.

A blessing from Father
We were blest with the presence of Fr Ricky, RCJ, who celebrated the Mass for that memorable occasion of the Padre’s day last year and for the first coming of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament in our community. With him were the youth in their parish and some of our “new” friends were with us. After the Mass, we had whole day adoration.

Meeting a blind beggar was the spark that set him on fire with evangelical love and impelled Saint Annibale Maria Di Francia to live among the poorest of the poor, the “rejects” of society. He was a man to whom the Lord revealed the secret of salvation – the “ROGATE”.   Gathering as sons and daughters of St Annibale we sing our heartfelt gratitude to God for His “gift” to the universal church. I felt so blessed to be part of this reassuring stream of charity and zeal that the congregation has started and is continuing to flourish with our presence in this diocese.

Knowing that our apostolate involves engaging with children impels us to reflect and to respond with that original fervour to the ancient longings and new challenges of humanity. These “little souls” who need guidance present us with an immense but important mission and we pray that as they grow, they may become good and holy workers of the Lord’s harvest.

Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, who is the supreme master of our existence, takes His permanent dwelling in our community today. This Eucharistic Jesus who to this day is enthroned is the master of our life. He raises those who are in misery, renews failing courage by giving strength, He gives new life and vigour to all those who come to Him.  Jesus, the mystical bee hive around whom my day revolves and with whom I can find rest every time I feel down.  The centre of my existence, the centre of my everything. Despite my innumerable limitations He continuously dwells and invites me to feel His Presence in me.

I am so blest to be called among the Daughters of Divine Zeal to live the spirit of “Rogate”.  This is the hidden pearl  that is slowly revealed with simplicity on how I can learn to detach from myself, to live with zeal for the glory of His kingdom and to choose God alone – the real treasure that inflames every heart.

Sr M Jocelyn Kias, fdz

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