Gift, gratitude, giver

Every individual is unique and gifted. God gave me my entire self as a gift that I need to develop and share with my brothers and sisters. And He calls me every day in many different ways. My daily journey is full of risks; I need to be constantly virtuous and be able to cope with all the challenges that I meet on my path. Our world offers many choices and it depends on me on how to live a simple life and how to be a gift to myself, to others and to the community. Every day I find challenges to move on concretely along God’s path – to grow both physically and spiritually and make the best use of God’s gifts.


Gratitude is what I raise to God for who I am now.  He CHOSE me to be one of His disciples and I feel privileged to be called, particularly among the Daughters of Divine Zeal.  I vividly remember the day of my entrance to this congregation on 13 May 2004.  I was full of zeal and enthusiasm.  I strongly felt that I was already a part of it, that I belonged.  Pondering on my experience, I can definitely say that the feeling has been the same:  from that first day until now I still strongly feel I BELONG.  The simple welcoming smiles then and the hearty laughter of the sisters now, always serve as an inspiration for me, to be always grateful of this religious family whose member chose in a special way to live ROGATE.  Thank you my dear sisters!

My gratitude continues to the Lord of the Harvest for His faithfulness.  On 4 May 2013, we opened a new Mission Station in the diocese of Urdaneta, Pangasinan in the Philippines.  I felt so blessed being among the three sisters assigned for this apostolate.  It was ALOHA!  Sr M Jocelyn Kias, Sr M. Juanita Pineda and I started our journey at The Our Lady of Lilies Academy.  I find everything exciting and challenging!  I hope that our presence here will make Jesus of the Rogate become visible as collaborators with commitment in the fulfillment of the diocese’s mission of giving Catholic education.

We give and share the best that we can, most especially in forming and moulding the youth of today.  Being part of their growth physically and spiritually is a great challenge that I take as my way of giving back to the Giver of my gifts and become a gift of myself to the community.

Thank you my dear Lord for the gift of my vocation.  I have so much gratitude for what YOU have done and for what I am NOW I will share for the Glory of God.

Sr M Ailen Felia, fdz

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