Looking through with the eyes of faith

Taking St Luke as my retreat master in this year’s annual retreat and the daughter of Jairus as my companion in the journey proved to be exciting and really fascinating. My heart has felt God’s caress as I realize that the evangelist is portraying, in his gospel, a gentle image of God. It has filled me with awe to know how Jairus had tried his best to come nearer to Jesus, to beg him for his dying daughter. And how he had trusted the words of Jesus, after a servant had told him not to bother the Master, for his child is dead. This episode reminds me of my late father.


After my father’s death, our family experienced a lot of trials that made us feel that if only Papa was here, he could easily find the solution and would never stop until he found one! It is just like how Jairus really found ways to save his child. And I am like the daughter of Jairus who receives all these concerns. The great pain of losing my father made me realize of a Father much, much greater than my father. And I pray to Him that if my father, who is just human and a mere creature of Him can think of such great things to save his family, to express his great concern even in a very extraordinary way, how much more would He who is God, our Father and Creator do this for us! And I told Him:  “I know you are much greater than my father, more than I can think, so help us”. Overcoming our difficulties through many different people who helped us made us experience the gentleness of God. Before this wonder it made us realize our sinfulness and unworthiness to receive such a great favour. But in spite of this God never abandoned us… He proved to be much greater than my father. From then on, I saw my father’s death as a gift that drew me much closer to Him, the Greatest Father, more than ever.

Sr Marilyn Felizardo, fdz

Image courtesy pixabay.com


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