Battles and rewards

Our life is a peculiar battle and we are the warriors. This battle is sometimes precarious and distressing. So we, the warriors need to be precautious.

Our life enrolled us in a military academe for fourteen to sixteen years starting from elementary to college. Our diploma serves as our gear and pistol for a vast battle field. We face different combats. After which, we will raise our flags if we won the encounter, I mean here is if we got the job. If this job is giving us more than what we want or just by simply giving us our daily needs, surely the feeling of ecstasy will eventually be in our hands. Yes, if we have a job, we can earn riches, we can buy all the possessions we want, we can have a luxurious home and we can receive all the rewards we want. Knowing all the great sentiments a work could give us, have we ever tried to think that everything may need to pause for a while?

We, teachers of Padre Annibale Integrated School (PAIS) are so lucky because we are the chosen warriors. We are able to have a job in line with our profession and get paid. As chosen warriors, we secure the rightful knowledge for our learners; give our best to educate them. On the other hand, we, the chosen warriors combat against stress in controlling misdemeanors, nervous tension and pressure for the given deadlines, temper for those learners who go beyond their rights, learners who still suck their thumbs and a whole lot more. These are just normal in the life of a teacher.

It is true that teaching is the noblest profession yet it is also the most challenging one. For a typical teacher, summer time does not mean that her responsibility in the battle field of the four corners of her classroom will stop for a moment. A teacher’s life will still be a teacher’s life no matter what happens. Summer time is his or her time to pose for another snap shot of his or her battle field. He or she still needs to see to it that everything is in their proper order or gratifying for his or her part. It is a time to plan for every page of her upcoming combats.

PAIS faculty and staff outing
PAIS faculty and staff outing

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” I always have the fortitude to smile every time I remember this idiom. It means that without weekend away in work, a person would let his body become exhausted not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, socially and most importantly, spiritually. For this matter, the PAIS faculty and staff took a break on 31 May 2013 at the Dragon Fruit Farm and Resort, Sarrat, Ilocos Norte in the Philippines. It was not just about going for a dip in the very seducing swimming pool under the very hot sunshine and feeding our tummies with those appetizing foods, but it was about looking for the real essence of the said activity.

See? It is true that “rest and be thankful”, a quotation by William Wordsworth. Physically, we were able to take a rest. We gave our body a time to relax. We gave our minds a moment to be at peace. We were emotionally fed because we realized that we do not need to pass obligations to one another because we are a family, we need to work as one. We got to have a chance to bond with each other. Most importantly, we saw how great God is for showing us the value of being one, that it is not just about having a rest from everything that every faculty and staff face, but also knowing that “I” is not just “I” and “You” is not just “You”, that everybody should not forget that there is also a word “We” in the English language.

If everybody got a job, it is good. If everybody is being paid well in that job, much better. But if everybody learns a lot in that job, it is the best honour and reward that everybody will receive because would make everyone a victor of this life’s battle field.

Dianne Ashley G Deus

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