Giving gifts: love and sharing

Children, PhilippinesLast year the Daughters of Divine Zeal, celebrating the 125th foundation of their congregation, spent their time giving gifts to poor children.  On 26 January 2013 five teachers from the Padre Annibale School in the Philippines went to the province of Tanay, Jala-jala to give some goods to the children there.  It was amazing because we enjoyed entertaining the children. They are good and smart kids. It was also surprising because they were attentive to the games and most of them were happy to get the goods from the Sisters. Even if they could not say what was on their mind, you could see deeply through their eyes what was in their heart. I can say that one can be happy in this world even without material things.

In my generation, I cannot think of parents who are not conscious of what is happening around the globe. Everyone is having a tough time at the moment trying to strike a balance between addressing financial situations and having quality time with their children.  For me, being a good parent cannot simply be equated with being able to give all the material needs of my children,  my family.  There is more to life than just material things.  The most important thing is that as a parent I can show my love concretely to my family and I can teach them about love.

Dear Lord, help me become aware of the needs of others; make me become generous to help children who are alone.  May your Spirit guide me as I pray for these children.

Teacher Greg Cuntapay
Padre Annibale School, Marikina, Philippines

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