A memorable encounter

The Juniors’ meeting which was held last December in MND Laoag in the Philippines was a beautiful occasion given to us to deepen our relationship and knowledge of each other but even more than that, to deepen our being as consecrated persons to God.  What was in that encounter?

FDZ Junior Sisters in the Philippines
True joy and peace do not come from things or possessions.  They do not come from pleasure, popularity or power but rather start and are born from the gratuitous God at an encounter.  It is with the continuous encounter with Christ, the Word made flesh, that helps us to live our being as ‘vowed’ persons, happily and faithfully.  The activity at the Juniors’ meeting helped me to realize and value the importance of prayer; that the vows I have professed are fruits of the encounter with God, day by day, which need to be faithfully done.  When we live our vows in the light of Faith, then our relationship with God builds up, we get closer to God and to others, we feel the acceptance, we experience being loved and that want to be loved in return.  We experience being taken and chosen, being broken in order to be shared.

Living the vows in the light of Faith helps us to understand that vows are not merely rules or a burden but that they are a way to give us direction towards freedom.  The encounter leads us to conversion and through conversion, transformation.  Transformation happens in one’s life and it makes us embrace the mission which is entrusted to us by God, the God who continuously calls us to a life of holiness.

I thank Mother Elna, Sr Gladys and my co-Junior sisters who, in their own way, have contributed so much to my own growth, especially in embracing this life as a Religious.

Sr M Fransiska Erna Amodina, fdz

What does the consecrated life mean to you?

Pope Francis has named 2015 the Year of Consecrated Life. As part of the preparation for this year of renewal and appreciation for the witness and work of nuns, sisters, brothers, order priests, and others in consecrated life, the VISION Vocation Network is conducting a survey to capture contemporary thoughts on consecrated life from all corners of Catholicism and beyond.  Share your thoughts by completing the VISION 2015 Year of Consecrated Life Survey

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