A woman of great zeal

Madre Maria NazarenaFor the Daughters of Divine Zeal 19 March is a special day as on this day in 1907, Madre Maria Nazarena Majone made her perpetual profession.

Madre Nazarena was born in Graniti, a small village in Messina, Italy on 21 June 1869. She was the youngest of six brothers and sisters. At the age of 20, she became a religious in the newly-founded mission of Saint Annibale Maria Di Francia. On her religious profession, the name Nazarena was added to her baptismal name and she became Sr Maria Nazarena Majone.

Madre Nazarena was a great help to the Congregation, she was a strong woman, so sweet and firm in suffering. What motivated her to become a religious was her profound love for God and her willingness to serve others. She had given all of herself, her life, her joy and her warmth, offering them for the good and salvation of the people in great need.

Since she joined the religious institution founded by Saint Annibale, Madre Nazarena had been working with the orphans and the poor people of Avignone, Messina. She had to work hard with Saint Annibale in order to provide for the needs of the orphans and the poor. After she took her vows, Madre Nazarena was nominated directress of the orphanage. She worked intensely in close collaboration with Saint Annibale and she faithfully performed every activity in this apostolate. She did enormous charitable works for the benefit of the youth and the poor. She was a woman of great zeal.

Madre Nazarena’s wisdom, dedication and zeal guided the Congregation after the death of Saint Annibale Maria Di Francia. Faith was her sole weapon.

This is just a small part of what Madre Nazarena achieved in her life. Madre Nazarena Student’s House in Richmond, Victoria, Australia is named in her honour.

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