Our YES with Mary

The Blessed Virgin MaryWe have just embraced the celebration of Christmas with advent taking its habitual abode to prepare each Christian in the celebration of the anniversary of the Lords’ coming into the world. The God made flesh dwelt among us.  In humility he was one with us. This was also a great time for those of us renewing our Religious Vows during this season. In 2013, 08 December, which is the feast of the Immaculate Conception, fell on the second Sunday of advent. This day is very significant to our religious family as we honour the Blessed Virgin Mary – the Immaculate Mother as our Divine Superior in our Institute. We are under her guidance and protection.

On the occasion of that second Sunday of Advent last year, we, the Junior Sisters Sr Lilitte Marie, Sr M Fransiska Erna (Indonesian) and I blissfully renewed our Religious Vows with much gratitude to God for the endless graces He has bequeathed upon our poor souls in our journey towards the perfection of charity with our sisters in the community,  to the superiors of our respective communities and to Mother Elna who has generously guided us in this religious plight.

Like the Blessed Mother, we continue to gear ourselves in faith in discerning the will of God – Voluntas Deis for us, as Daughter of Divine Zeal. Praying that we may be humble before our God at all times so that whatever His plans are for us, we may truly realize them in serving and offering our lives for Him and for the greater service of the Church. As we constantly place ourselves into the abode of His mercy and love may it be an empirical act of gratitude to God who call us despite our darkness and fragility.  It is then, a calling of life, a mission of charity, indeed, a vocation of love. With the Blessed Mother we entrust everything unto her care in this covenant of fidelity to God.

With the prayers of each Daughter of Divine Zeal, the intercession of Mother Nazarena and Saint Annibale we are  truly a boat  audaciously leaving the harbour towards the open sea so that souls may go deeply into the sea of all good. We are mindful of St Paul’s exhortation that this life offering to God is a true worship: “Offer yourselves as a living  sacrifice to God, dedicated to his service and pleasing to Him. This is a true worship that you should offer”.

The day of our renewal is indeed a day of thanksgiving both to God, to the Institute and to each FDZ sister.  It is a day of grace and a day of faithfulness of God to those whom He calls.

Sr M Glenda D Galanido, fdz

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