Feeling cared for

I feel the care of the sisters around me – they are like my second mother who guides me. We had our adoration and I really felt a strong fervour to Christ through the songs and prayers.  This inspires me to praise God for this first experience of sleeping in the convent and my first experience too of not sleeping at home with my parents.


Sr Jocelyn introduced to me the Daughters of Divine Zeal,  St Annibale Maria Di Francia and Mother Nazarena Majone.  Now I know a little bit more about the Sisters other than just knowing them as my teachers in our school.

The next morning we cooked food and prepared all the things that we needed because we intended to give the goods that the sisters received from their friends to some senior citizens from the Parish of  Bactad.  This is where we also attended the Mass on Sunday after which we distributed our prepared goods to the chosen elderly. The gratitude and happiness on their faces could be seen and felt.

I thank God for the people He uses as instruments so that others may feel that they are cared for. I also thank God for that wonderful day and on days where I experience His love and presence in my life.

Regina Ampalo Lipawen
3rd year student
Our Lady of Lilies Academy
Urdaneta, Philippines

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