Prayer for Vocation

Thank You dear God
for sending us your servants, priests, sisters, brothers,
missionaries, catechists and laymen and women.
We ask you to help them always.

We ask you to bless our priests
that they may continue to keep
their vows of Chastity, poverty and obedience.
May you bless them always to continue serving God
by proclaiming the Good news to everyone.

We ask you to bless our sisters and brothers
that they may continue to pray
for the sick, the poor and for all of us.


We ask you Lord to guide our missionaries
when they travel and go to other places
to spread the good news of God.
Keep the fire burning in their heart as they serve you.

Send forth your Holy Spirit to all Catechists
around the world, Lord
that they may spread your good news
and teach children to be good Christians
to serve you, Lord.

We also ask you, Lord
to always bless and guide all laypeople
that they may continue to serve you always
and to help missionaries and catechists
spread the good news.

Maria Denise Mira Salazar

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