God’s instrument

Every life in this world has a reason for living

Honestly, it was my first time to join such activity and I felt like I was on “Mars”.   But I believe that God has directed me to do this.  I have faith in God that He works for the better no matter how much we have sinned in the past or even at the time being.

A Daughter of Divine Zeal with precious elders

During those Sundays when we went to visit the senior citizens in various parishes together with the Sisters on Sundays, I felt like I was one of God’s instruments in spreading His goodness and love. It was something my heart had desired to do.  To be able to help even with just having myself as a volunteer.

Life, the way I perceive it now, is a “roller-coaster” ride which has ups and downs and if you know not how to face these realities, life will walk all over you.

Helping our senior citizens is but something precious to do for I know they are special.  Special because they were born ahead of us to make this world a better place to live in.  I, for one, value grandparents like no other, for I am, even now, a product of the love of my parents’ parents.  Some people these days, when they grow up and are busy with work and with their own families, tend to forget the reason why they were able to see the world.  They take their parents for granted not knowing that people having the age of 60 and up are already sensitive in nature.  They are the ones, aside from children, that we should look after and spend more time with despite the busy schedule.

It was a great experience and I am indeed proud that of all the souls in the world, I was able to take a stand and had my share although I don’t usually do such things.  I would like to extend my gratitude to the people behind this charity.  May you be blessed a million times – this is an understatement – a billionfold then and continue doing what you are doing.  Keep on helping and inspiring!  God bless each of us and may we all have peace of mind as we walk with God on the road that we have chosen.

Teacher Vanessa
Our Lady of Lilies Academy, Urdaneta

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