Community experience

sisters02I came to Italy in September 2012 for the International Juniorate. When the formation was over (August 2013), I was sent to San Pier Niceto for a mission and community experience.  I was warmly welcomed by our sisters in the community and by the locals of the place. They were very happy to see a young sister among them, as I am literally the youngest member of the community.  The sisters have been given much affection and concern.

As I journey these past months, I have discovered the marvelous things that the Lord have traced on my path, through these experiences amidst my elderly sisters. Their enthusiastic witnessing of ROGATE in continuing the works that our beloved Padre have left to us his spiritual daughters, their unceasing concern for vocations, and seeing the scarcity of workers in the Church particularly in this community, have moved my heart and have challenged me to put all my efforts, love, commitment and responsibility to the works I am doing. Each and every day, I come to a deep reflection and realization of the necessity to truly give my life as a continuous offering for vocations, for I wonder “what will be the future of the Church without vocation at this present generation?”.

Seeing the reality in this community, have taken me to a greater concern and brought me closer to the Lord, pleading Him every day without ceasing to send more holy vocations in our congregation. This is a call to bend my knees in prayer and to implore Him to grant me and all of my co-sisters all over the world the grace of holy perseverance in the vocation we are called to live. I also remember and pray for all our formands in all stages of formation, that we may be like these sisters I am living with in this community. With this prayer, I turn to the source of my Call, the Lord of the harvest that He may grant my heart’s desire for the glory of His name. On my part, I commit to give myself totally to Him as I embrace Him every day with love and trust. Thank you Jesus for leading me the way to fidelity in the example and life witnessing these sisters have shown to me.

Sr M Adelfina Se fdz

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