Each child is an icon of our history

sister-with-childrenWith the words of St Hannibal: “When the family cannot fulfill, we must provide a place to welcome them!”  These words are enough to remind us that each child entrusted to our care is a living legacy of our Father Founder. Each child gives life to a history that gave birth to us. Each child enkindles the fire of a history that revealed the scarcity of holy labourers. Each child is a harvest that sets our history in the heart of the Local Church of Ilocos Norte through Tahanang Carmela D’Amore.

Thus, we would like to give thanks and praises to GOD, the Giver of  all good gifts as we celebrate this year the 25th Foundation Anniversary (1988-2013) of Tahanang Carmela D’Amore. Twenty-five years have passed but God’s faithfulness has never abandoned us. Grace after grace has been experienced by the past and present community and has been expressed in taking care of the children of various ages and backgrounds entrusted to the care of the Daughters of Divine Zeal.

It was indeed a rich tradition which was started by Father Hannibal in Avignone Quarter on 1882. It is a tradition that characterises the mission of the Institute that offers, especially to the children, a home, affections, education and various programs towards building a strong character in Christ.  Thus, at the end they can have a dignified involvement in the larger society and be a holy labourer in the vineyard of the Lord.

Sr M Connie Borjal fdz

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