Hope for a peaceful world

Yes, we come from God and are called to continue the mission of His only Son. This is to live in communion with the Father. To the world, we are commissioned to spread Christ’s love to humanity. Through our simplicity of life and with Christ who is present in us, the world may see the figure of love, come to know and encounter Christ – who is LOVE.


I was previously a young person with a confusing future. But now I am in the guidance of the One who has called me. He is the Lord and He has never abandoned me. In times of trial when I felt like sinking, He showed His power and proved that He is always at my side.  As a candidate for religious life, sometimes I look at the world with discouragement, especially at the youth who don’t value the simple things that they have.  They never stop asking for more.  There are those in extreme poverty and they cannot go to school and have life’s basic needs. But God is patient and compassionate. He shows that there is always hope for a new life for all. Humans give up but certainly not God!

Last year we were invited to the Easter graduation celebration by Father Joel Castillo. During the celebration, the students, parents, teachers, friends and Father Joel shared their experiences as well as their dreams for the youth in his care. Three of these young people who graduated had had no chance to go to school because the family could not afford it but by God’s Will, they were helped by Father Joel. They have finished high school and they plan to enter the seminary this coming school year. What impressed me most with this meaningful experience was the faith of Father Joel and of the few people who wished for a peaceful society by helping young people fulfill their dreams and the heart-moving scene of happiness expressed through the tears falling on the faces of these boys.

“For I come from heaven, not to do my own Will, but the Will of the one who sent me” (John 6 – 38)

This episode presents to me a clear message that God makes the simplest people his instruments and calls many but only a few listen to his invitation. Father Joel is known by the people to have the simplicity and zeal of a shepherd.  There is still much to be done. Let us then continue to hope and pray to God for a better world, for more sensitive, attentive and generous persons like Father Joel who work for God’s kingdom.

Novice Mary

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