The Beatitudes: rules to sanctity

jesus-window01In the world today, many perhaps forget the unfeigned quintessence of our spirit.  Power and possessions reign in the hearts of every person who longs for nothing but to live a life lacking for nothing, be it on material bits and pieces which people have the utmost need of.   What is now the value of man in his life? The Beatitudes that Jesus taught then now simply becomes a plot of route,  helping instructions on our ascent to God. They are skewed as virtues in so much as a believer of Christ can achieve. “They guide.  They point.  They teach” declared one of the writers I encountered in one of my readings.  What simple yet eloquent and insightful words to describe the Beatitudes! Three links of passionate adjectives that express what the Beatitudes are:

  • Guide: each soul is given the preeminent avenue into a direction of blissfulness, contentment and a spirit that sees beyond what the world can momentarily proffer.
  • Point: an underlying essential idea is conveyed to all that longs to be in the kingdom.
  • Teach: a grounding goal is provided – not only imparting simple instructions to us but spiritual directives that each one of us must eruditely learn in the simplicity of our souls and the uniqueness of our beings.

The Beatitudes disclose the value of Christ and unto what He truly cares. And if these values are adhered to by many religiously, they offer a state of peace and happiness and to enjoy the inherent right to dwell in the Kingdom of God when the journey on this earth is over.

Principles of Christian teachings that lead to self-awakening, and any experiences here on earth are all refiners – purifiers of one’s soul. The Beatitudes hand over a pristine series of Christian paradigms that simply give an emphasis on humility and love. They single out that when one knows how to humble one’s spirit and learn the real language of fraternal love he/she may attain happiness that her/his soul longs for. They endorse an utmost essence of the teachings of Christ about mercy, compassion and even on spirituality. What matters most is that everyone may learn to value the uniqueness of each another, respecting each one’s limitations and pave a way to be a person with dignity of life in the spirit of equality. There shall be a lived-through spirit of hope that renders a positive outlook in life, an ultimate joy that springs up from the heart of each person. In hope and joy, the profound silhouette of happiness, abides Jesus, no matter what the consequences are.

Henceforth we have a reminder that we are simply nothing and in our nothingness we cling to what is not worldly but instead heavenly.  All of these are simple teachings of Jesus.  In his Sermon on the Mount, He gives us the Beatitudes that we might see beyond what our human nature craves for, namely  the inner values, the real treasure, and things for eternity. These are contradictory to what the world highly regards.

So that is a candid, unpretentious makeover of one’s inner person, all of these must be lived in the truest sense, taken not just as a choice but with sincere and heartfelt sentiments in wanting to be drawn closer to God.  These golden rules guarantee a salvific life and not just insinuating ‘a way of life’ but giving clear-cut tenets of how Jesus wants us to be and to sentient a life that is simply blessed. We are in the world and the challenge of living all of these is on us. God respects whatever choices we make and yet the Beatitutdes do not require anything but faith.   It takes a resolute discipline to observe a rule or teachings but the Beatitudes need but a fecund heart. Our model is Jesus Christ himself, leading all of us to the road of sanctity.

Sr M Glenda D Galanido fdz

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