The caravan

The simple caravan that we had, as we concluded the 125th foundation anniversary of our congregation last year was a grand remembrance of the first seed that fell on the ground where Fr Hannibal was called. This is a continuous voyage that we take to cultivate an immense harvest that God has entrusted to us since the foundation of our small cavalcade. As I journeyed with some sisters, children and co-formands I reflected back on those years when Fr Hannibal started to be sensitive to the need of the Church for HOLY WORKERS and how he started with much prayer and devotion, courage and faith.

It was a great privilege for me to be part of this life journey of our Institute, as if I was journeying with the people of yesterday. Even though there were obstacles to reaching our destination on time, these turned out to be a prayer in my heart as we travelled silently. It was an enormous experience indeed because we started with a prayer and we ended with a prayer. Looking at this religious family, I reflected that as we prepare for religious life we are called to do as Fr Hannibal did years ago, and I believe that I am one of the products of his prayer to be a Daughter of Divine Zeal in the future. The places that we visited were reminders for me when Fr Hannibal knocked at the doors of every house to ask for alms for the orphans and because of this the Daughters of Divine Zeal were born and continue to knock at people’s hearts for the harvest of the Lord.

Novice Ronabel Leones

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