Celebrating God’s faithfulness and Love

As we celebrated our 125th Foundation Anniversary, also as one Rogate family we celebrated God’s goodness and love in our institute.  It was and always is a time of remembering God’s fidelity towards our institute that we have experienced in our daily lives as well as our spiritual nourishment that always inspires us to walk and to journey towards the sanctity of life.  Reflecting on this I am so blessed that God has called me and chose me to become member of this institute.  Apart from that, I am much moved and grateful for the sacrifices of the first Sisters, who laboured for the Kingdom of God and attended to the needs of the harvest with all their heart, through thick and thin, in particular Mother Nazarena who at the beginning did not hesitate and with joyful spirit responded to God’s invitation to share her whole life together with our saint Father Hannibal.

The 125th celebration was not only a celebration of success but of God’s faithfulness showed and poured to each Daughter of Divine Zeal (FDZ).  This is the moment of great jubilation wherein God in His own marvelous ways purified each one to be the sower of the seed in His vineyard, promoting and upholding the dignity of each person and become bearers of his Divine command “Rogate”.

This is not only a moment to remember but an event to share not only today but for all eternity.  Joining the whole FDZ, I myself can testify how beautiful it is to be part of this institute and live the way our founders did in the spirit of Rogate, creating an atmosphere of prayer, living  and sharing our whole life for more holy vocations in the Church,  a noble goal worth dying for.

May the Lord of the harvest look upon us Daughters of Divine Zeal with much love so that even in our fragility we will still be able to respond to the challenges and become heralds of  holy vocations in the Church.

“Send O Lord, holy apostles into your Church”

Sr M Florentina Jeliman, fdz

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