I want to be the labourer!

wpdv2013In recent years, we have celebrated a lot of anniversaries and jubilees in our congregation. And the latest was the 50th World Day of Prayer for Vocations (WDPV) on 21 April 2013. This occasion is very special to us FDZ and RCJ, and particularly to me.

One time, I heard an RCJ say that our vocation is the fruit of the prayers of those who were born before us many years ago. And surely our prayers too will bear fruit in the future when we have gone many years after. I believe in this. I could remember well, when I first encountered this passage “The harvest is rich but the labourers are few, pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send labourers into His harvest”, during a Bible sharing; our charismatic prayer leader was encouraging us to pray for good labourers, but within my heart there was a strong feeling that said “No, it is not enough for me to pray for good labourers! I want to be the labourer!” That was the moment the prayer of someone in the Church for vocations blossomed and bore fruit in my heart. From that moment, the desire became stronger and clearer every day. God was so good then, when He providentially allowed me to meet an FDZ through an RCJ. Great wonder filled my heart how the Lord had really led the way that brought me to the fulfillment of my desire and exactly to the Congregation whose first commitment is to PRAY for labourers but at the same time commit themselves to be the FIRST LABOURER in the Lord’s harvest.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the WDPV filled my heart with gratitude for God’s many wonders in my life. And I thank in particular the person whose prayer God used as instrument so that His grace reaches, in that very moment,  where the soil of my heart is ready to accept the seed of Rogate and willing to be one of those who vowed to be in the front line as the good labourer of the Lord’s harvest. As a Daughter of Divine Zeal I know it is not easy to fulfill this mission, but I just dispose myself to the will of God. I believe, to be a labourer is what His compassionate heart’s desire is for me – not as what I want or what others expect me to be.  This would give Him much greater glory. This is my heart’s continuous prayer. Amen.

Sr. Marilyn Felizardo, fdz


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