I am his delight

fdz-sister01“I am his delight day by day, rejoicing before Him always” (Proverbs 8,30)

This passage in the bible meant so much to me. It accompanied me specially in the most difficult moment in my life. It is this passage that fills my daily journey with joy. It gives me strength and courage to go on and made me arrived to celebrate the faithfulness of God’s love last April 10, 2013 together with Sr. M. Dolores Acluba and Sr. Marivella Condez.

That day my heart over flowed with gratitude, awe and wonder pondering of all the goodness that God had done in my life. Words are not enough to describe what I felt. And I just want to sum up my response to the Lord through this Psalm:

I love the Lord
He is filled with compassion…
How can I repay the Lord,
For all the goodness
He has shown me…

I would like to thank all the persons who have accompanied me in my journey – for their love, trust and support.

Lastly I would like to ask the intercessions of the Blessed Virgin Mary that I may be always docile to the will of God in my life, and to our Founders, P. Annibale M. Di Francia and Mo. M. Nazarena Majone, to help me live our charism “Rogate” in a more concrete way.

Sr. M. Ursula B. Hingcayog, fdz

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