Surprised by His love…

Jesus whispers to a childHe is the God of surprises.  He wants us to feel His love, to feel His presence in our very life, but in a very different and ordinary way.  As I walk in this life, He kept manifesting His love, His presence to me.  But I was the only one who did not feel His love.  I was indifferent and there was no space for Him in my heart.

The experience of being with Him in a 30-day retreat was very wonderful.  Jesus revealed Himself generously.  He brought me to His Heart; He let me feel the beating of His Heart that beats only of love and mercy.  He let me realise how He loved me from the beginning.  He walked with me every moment, took care of me when I was in difficulty.  My heart cried in sorrow, for the many times I did not recognise His presence in my life.  But I felt His loving embrace assuring me of His love.  A love that says, “Don’t be sad, don’t worry, I love you very much, even if you fail to recognise me and my eyes never stopped looking at you.  My heart never stopped loving you and I never changed my love for you”.  His language of love consoled me, made me see, with wonder, His beauty, His love and care.

Surprised by His faithfulness, I have nothing to ask for but to remain always in His love, a love that nourishes, sustains, supports and holds me day by day, moment by moment.

Realising this wonderful gift of His presence in my life moved me to sing my gratitude and to offer everything that I have for His glory and for the consolation of His Divine Heart.

I only have one prayer:

Never allow my eyes to cease gazing at you, O Jesus
If the day should come
when I fail to look at You,
when I cannot see the beauty of Your face,
when I cannot feel Your love, and
when my lips cease to smile, and
the difficulties of life
extinguish the fire of love for You,
make me remember those times
when Your love has sustained, nourished and held me.
Let memories of love bring me home to You.
Just give me Your love and Your grace.
This is sufficient for me.

Sr M Elsie Villoria, fdz


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