A time of grace

mother-general-visit01As the time for canonical visitation was approaching, our community made thorough preparation not only on the physical side but most of all on the spiritual aspect of our life. This was then a grace filled moment for each of us to look back and see how far we have gone through in our journey as a community and as an individual.   It was amazing to see our uniqueness and giftedness that contribute to the beauty and growth of our community. And that made me appreciate all the more the value and presence of each other.

For me, the visit of Mother General was a reason to celebrate. This was a special time to treasure her presence not because she is a superior, but more so as a “mother” who cares. At first knowing that she will be meeting the sisters individually I was anxious because besides from not knowing much Italian language and I don’t know what I’m going to share. When my turn came my anxiety faded away because she spoke so gently and she listened attentively, and though we spoke in different languages we somehow understood each other by heart. For the few days she stayed with us, I was really inspired to see her a simple, a calm and a holy person. What a great grace to have her as guide of our Congregation.  I thank you Mother Teolinda for your visit, for sharing yourself to us and for inspiring us during your canonical visitation to our community.

Sr M Corazon Sacmar fdz

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