Prayer to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus for Obtaining Good Laborers for the Holy Church

Sacred Heart of Jesus
Sacred Heart of Jesus

O most sweet Heart of Jesus, you tell us to pray the Harvest Master to send  laborers to his harvest, and you have given us the assurance that you will listen  to us when we ask of you this great grace. In obedience to the command  of your divine zeal, we beseech you to heed our prayer and send laborers to your Church. To this end we address to you the most effective prayer you have  taught us. Our Father…

O most sweet Jesus, in your entire mortal life you have  unceasingly sought the glory of your Father. May it please you to send good  laborers of the Gospel to your Holy Church. May they, with the sanctity of their  lives and their apostolic labors, incessantly glorify your Father in  heaven. Our Father…

O most  sweet Heart of Jesus, thirsty of souls, you were not contented with giving  everything to us but you also left on earth your eternal priesthood for the welfare  of all. Draw from your open side, holy ministers filled with genuine zeal who will  win for you numerous souls. Amen. Our Father…

– St. Hannibal Mary Di Francia

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