A thought on love

jesus-with-childrenIt is said that you should  “love ‘til it hurts”.  If it does not hurt, it is not real. This made me think of how true that is. Love is not a fairytale where everything is happiness and peace.

They say that love is more than that. It is suffering, patience, tolerance and pain because tested love is true love in action and challenges makes it stronger. I once asked my mother if she experienced pain and suffering and she said:  “Yes!” But she did her best to solve every problem and we were there to help her.

That kind of love makes me think of God.  He loves us so much even though we do what is against His will. He is always there to love us. “Love your enemies and do well to them, and lend without any rate of return”, this is what He tells us to do. This is how He wants us to love the other.

I too have experienced pain but I move on and try to solve my problems, as my mother does.  No one is spared pain and suffering, but I strongly believe in the midst of all of this, love prevails for true love never ends.

Jerick Nielsen Agbayani
2nd Year, St Lorenzo Ruiz

Image source: www.turnbacktogod.com


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