The harvest is plentiful

IMG_2088On 20 December 2012 the Daughters of Divine Zeal (FDZ) gathered at the Church of St. Vincent Ferrer, Taguig City in the Philippines for an “outreach” as a part of their 125th Foundation Anniversary.  The celebration was filled with fun, games and gift-giving. At the start of the program, a game was conducted and most of those present enjoyed and participated well.

Since it was the Sisters’ 125th foundation and close to Christmas, they gave a simple yet meaningful gift to 125 less fortunate families in the parish. It was their way of giving thanks to the Lord of the Harvest for the fruitful years they had as a congregation. The people there were all very happy with the gifts they received. They were also given food for their snacks.

To close the grace filled day, they sang a song for the blessing of St Hannibal’s statue that was given to their church as a way of introducing the devotion to St Hannibal.

For the FDZ, it was a fulfilling task, as followers of in the footsteps of St Hannibal. No matter how far, difficult and tiring the celebrations if your purpose is to help and be an advocate of St Hannibal, it will lessen and you will have the feeling of satisfaction.

T Cherwin M Sandow    
Grade 4 Adviser
Padre Annibale School
Marikina, Philippines

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