An endless story

jesus-heals01Suffering is an endless story and happiness is likewise an interminable tale. These are two realities that intertwine in the mystery of life. The world today is in a great scenario of anguish brought about by a simple human craving of power, of pride and of possession – casting a mammoth figure of SELFISHNESS. This is not new to us; it is actually a cliché set up in a very different level as the society changes. Everyone cries for justice, for peace, for equality and for freedom, all of these gathered together under the one banner of CHARITY-COMPASSION… and this has been the cry “ever since the world begun”.

Every simple act of charity counts for a lot in the eyes of God and it gives joy to every simple soul who longs for nothing but to know that someone sympathizes with his/her situation or even gives a care in the moment that he/she does not know where to run or to whom to run. This is perhaps the feeling of the two children we currently assist with their studies and daily basic needs like food, which we give to them before and after they attend school.

The children live near our convent in a very small house with their five siblings and their parents. We came to know them when we paid them a visit and prayed for their sister who died of leukemia. Their story was that they sold their farm to buy medicine to save the little girl’s life.  But everything was futile.  They are poor and really have nothing but a life dignified by God through honest labour.

A Sister and an Aspirant welcome them every day. They come to fill their empty stomachs, but we also feed them spiritually through catechism:  teaching them the importance of prayer, the beauty of being a child of God, introducing them to the saints with whom they can model their lives, like Mother Nazarena and St Annibale. We also promote them humanly through practical instructions for life:  teaching them proper hygiene, proper decorum, good manners and right conduct that help to boost their morale and self-esteem.  They simply want to survive through hard study and work – even though they can hardly make ends meet as they pursue this.  Their poverty does not hinder them in this “real battle” of life.

And so this story repeats itself around the world. Suffering is an endless story and happiness is likewise an interminable tale.

Sr M Glenda Galanido, fdz

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