The greatness of the Lord!

sr-m-jocelyn-kiasWondering  about the definitive future awaiting me, gives full meaning to my existence; that directs my life towards the horizons that are not limited and fleeting; but broad and deep which motivates me to be well rooted in Christ.

Thus, living intensely and fruitfully my Christian Vocation that derives from the love-filled invitation made by the Lord, I am challenged to live my life without calculations or personal interests and with unreserved trust in God.

The flame of God’s love makes a person grow and  steadfast in responding to God’s call.

I remember when I was a newly professed sister.  I was full of enthusiasm to follow Him that I even said: “I would give everything to follow Him”. Years passed and came the day of my renewal of vows, I realized that I am still full of myself and sometimes I forget the essentials of my “sequela Christi“.

But the mercy of God gives me the strength and abundant blessings which keep me grounded to the Source, with the constant guidance of our Mother Mary and with her I sing my own magnificat.

Sr M Jocelyn Kias, fdz

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