To enliven the world

The visit and the talk of Mother Rosa to the community of Madre Nazarena Domus (MND) and to all the sisters assigned in the communities within Laoag City, Ilocos Norte in the Philippines was so timely, relevant and inspiring.  As a newly-assigned sister in the community, her talk about the importance of prayer, community life and relationship gave us a deeper understanding and inspiration on how to live our consecration and nurture our vocation as religious in the midst of today’s challenges of consumerism where, without exception, even religious  are directly affected in a subtle way. If we fail to pray and discern the goods that the world offers us today and accept these as they are, we also become the victims of consumerism. Of course, with prayer and with the help of the community, I believe we can achieve sanctity of life which is the primary purpose of our following Christ, through Rogate, by evaluating who we are following and what values we are living within ourselves.


Mo. Rosa spoke about the reality of our existence as religious-consecrated persons – that we must bring with us the example of Christ’s Hope and Charity in order to enliven the world which is in the state of desperation due to non-acceptance of suffering and pain because of a lack of faith in God. This hope I myself sometimes admit taking for granted because of my human weakness and counter-Gospel tendencies. I tend to forget my own identity that I am a religious especially in times of difficulties, up to the point that even my relationship with others in the community is directly affected simply by my dwelling so much on the pains and difficulties I experience rather than being grateful to God for the Life he has bestowed on me.  I need to appreciate my own uniqueness and remember the importance of “others” in my journey. I have these very strong tendencies to rationalized things according to my own convictions  and conveniences, manipulate things and even other people’s lives because of my superficial faith.

Indeed, Mo. Rosa’s talk  served as nourishment to ponder upon the importance of my relationship in the community where I currently belong, to avail,  to be readily open and share myself when the need arises. And for the community of MND where almost all of us are new, young and the majority are juniors, it is a great challenge for us to start anew. To live our lives in deep communion with God and to strengthen our community life in the spirit of Rogate and be continually inspired through the examples and way of life of St. Annibale and Mo. Nazarena.

Sr. M. Lillette Marie V. Naquita, fdz

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