Saint Annibale di Francia in Vatican City, Rome
Saint Annibale di Francia in Vatican City, Rome

“One sows and another reaps” (Jn 4:37), it is written: Saint Hannibal Mary Di  Francia, faithfully following the Lord’s mandate, has sown, leaving the Lord of   the harvest to decide when and how the seed should give its fruit. And he gave it when the time is ripe in the light of God.

The whole work of Saint Hannibal Mary Di Francia could be summed up in the  words that John Paul II pronounced on the day in which he canonized him  (May 16, 2004): “‘If one loves me, he will keep my word’ (Jn 14:23). In these evangelical words we see outlined the profi le of Saint Hannibal Mary Di  Francia. He sensed the urgency to realize the evangelical command ‘Rogate  ergo… Pray the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest’” (Mt  9:38). To the Rogationist Fathers and the Daughters of Divine Zeal he left the  task to work with all forces so that the prayer for Vocations would be  “unceasing and universal.” This same invitation Saint Hannibal Mary Di Francia  addresses to the young people of our time, summarizing it in his  habitual exhortation: ‘Fall in love with Jesus Christ.’ From this providential  intuition arose in the church a large movement of prayer for Vocations.” From  this large movement was born the great “Family of the Rogate” which includes  diocesan priests, the Rogationist Missionaries (Association for consecrated  laywomen), the Union of Prayer for Vocations and the Priestly Union of Prayer  for Vocations, different International lay Associations (Rog Families, L.A.V.R., E.R.A, Former Students) and other numerous associations and local groups.

Thus Saint Hannibal Mary Di Francia became the “Apostle of the Prayer for  Vocations,” an example to those who pray to obtain Vocations in the Church.

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