CHRISTMAS… a “single giving”…

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I am always amazed at what a “single giving” can do… it changes every heart and makes it  a “giver” too.

This is the spirit of Christmas.  It is a moment of sharing, of offering.  It was Jesus who started it:  He gave Himself to us so we can have a share in His life… a total self-giving indeed!  This may be the reason why during Christmas everyone gives just about anything to anyone.  There is an air of “giving”, a tenderness that creates an atmosphere of joy and peace.

It was in this spirit that our FDZ community in Bugallon, Philippines chose to celebrate Jesus’ birthday with the usual sharing of blessings with some children who never fail to come to sing Christmas carols (carolling).  Last 24 December there was a whole afternoon of fun where around fifty children came.  With us were some members of the UPV.  They animated the games, fed the children and gave them gifts.  The joy of this day was clearly delineated on their faces.

Still in the spirit of sharing and giving, the community, together with some UPV members and Ma’am Regz (one of the teachers of St Andrew Catholic School), went to Portic (one of the barangays of Bugallon), and in the Poblacion to visit some elderly members of the said Barangays.  The purpose was to distribute some goods to celebrate the Christmas noche buena*.  The goods were dispersed through the community by a foundation which caters to the needs of the senior citizens.

Undeniably, this “single giving” is contagious and gives a wonderful feeling for both the “giver” and the “receiver”.  For what I have seen, felt, and touched, I could not help but wish that everyday could be like Christmas.

FDZ—Bugallon, Philippines

* see Christmas in the Philippines

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