Remembering a renewal of vows

On 08 December 2011, the Feast of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, I renewed my First religious Profession here in the Community of Marikina in the Philippines, together with Sr. M. Lilette Marie and Sr. M. Katharina.

A lot of things have happened on my journey.  In spite of all my weaknesses and limitations, my experiences taught me to remain humble and encouraged me to go beyond “myself’.

I do believe that it is the Grace of God, His goodness and His fidelity that has sustained me through these years of journey.  Indeed His love and faithfulness make me able to utter my “Yes” every single moment and in the different experiences I had.

I’m so blessed, for God has chosen me to “marry” Him in faith… and that event reminded me of my First Religious Profession, held in Maumere, Indonesia.  And to the one who called me and who continually calls me, I utter my prayer of thanksgiving:

Thank you so much loving Father

for this wonderful gift of vocation.

My heart overflows with joy

for you have chosen me.

This is a manifestation of

your great love for me.

I will avail myself

wherever you lead me, saying:

“I will praise You Lord with all my heart,

I will tell of the wonderful things

You have done,

I will sing with joy because of You”.


Sr. M. Florentina Jeliman, fdz

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