The Word became flesh…

An appropriate and a sufficient span of time was given to us to prepare ourselves to celebrate the birth of the Son of God – the “Emmanuel”. At first, the thought of Christmas, reawakens a profound spirit of excitement and joy that would then create different repercussions according to the degree of experience and conviction we have as Christian believers and followers.

Being drawn deeply to the real significance of Christmas, one will certainly not be easily distracted by the pomposity of material Christmas décors, gifts and the sparkling lights. Instead, she/he will go deeper to the meaning of Jesus’ coming in our midst and will put into practice the very essence of it.

Over the next few weeks, we are guided by the Word of God proper of the Advent season. Through the various readings, the Mother Church unceasingly has invited us with a special invitation written not by mere words but by the concrete event of the incarnation of the Son of God through a virgin and human mother in the little and insignificant town of Bethlehem.  Let us look at this Child lying humbly in a stable that in silence has announced the greatest gift – the SALVATION of humanity. How special and fortunate we are! God has looked upon us with compassion and mercy by sending into the world His only begotten Son to save us all. Through our miserable state of sin he freely adhered to the proposal and wish of the eternal Father to become one of us and to be our Saviour.

In our constant encounter with Him through the Eucharist and through His Words not only during the season of Christmas, let us be ready in faith, hope and love to enter into His divine movement through the Holy Spirit to whatever situations we are called and invited to participate, especially in sharing our sacrifices, time and material goods for our brothers and sisters who are in dire need. If our Lord, has recued us how can we refuse to offer ourselves and to extend our hands towards OTHERS’ need? This is the meaning of Christmas:  to become other-Christs to our needy brothers and sisters and to be in solidarity with the victims of natural disasters.

Filled with His light, we move on with renewed vigour and zeal as leaven of reconciliation and peace within our families, society and even beyond our country’s boundaries. Let us contemplate with gratitude and wonder the mystery of God’s love.

Be not afraid, says the angel to the shepherds, for to you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord.

Mo. Elna Casimsiman, fdz
Superior Delegate

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