Finding God at home!

Home is where the heart is

It is true that, nowadays, we are living in a complex and increasingly diverse society where most families are  undergoing a rapid and a very drastic transformation in many aspects. We even find the family under attack both from within and without. Moreover, the erosion of spiritual values and emphasis upon materialism has created for many families confusions and uncertainty where commitment and dedication once reigned.

Ah! Indeed, gone are the times when the family lived simply for others and the days when the family was considered the first school of love, peace and unity. This is an appalling and terrifying phenomenon – the families are “victims of change”.

But despite this uncontrollable phenomenon, I am doubly hopeful precisely because I believe that there are still families who do not give up in their continuous advocacy of helping, saving and building a family rooted in Christ. Thus, I consider them “agents of change” in the midst of our fast changing world.

In addition, I am very consoled to hear that there are also families who continue dreaming of a decent place called home. Isn’t it every couple’s dream? A place where the husband and wife together with their siblings build a community of love, justice and peace. A place where God’s loving presence animates each member of the household. A place where there is no stranger at all. This is what is finding God at home!

With this, allow me to share one concrete experience I had last year. I was on my way going to the hospital to visit my eldest sister who was to be operated on. I was caught in a traffic jam somewhere along J Ruiz near St Paul College (Philippines).  There was a particular scenario which captured my attention: a mother, with a newly-born child beside her was lying on the sidewalk with a cardboard for their mat. The two boys aged 5 and 6, according to my rough calculation, were happily playing with their umbrella just around the mother and the baby.  Then, came a street cigarette vendor (by his gestures, I was certain that he was the father). He put down the small box he was carrying, greeted the wife and caressed the baby, then he approached the boys and joined them in their playing. Looking at her face, the mother was so delighted while watching her husband and their children playing together.  I, from the vehicle was watching them too for almost 20 minutes without their notice.   Oh! What a picture of a loving and a happy family in the midst of  adversity.  Right there at that very moment, the first thought that came into my mind was the statement “finding God at home”.

Indeed, when there is love, there GOD is!  This is what it truly means finding God at home. How about you? Were you able to find Him in your own home?

Sr M Connie Borjal, fdz

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