God help me…

Being a “young member” in the Rogate Family, I never expected how welcoming they would be.  I didn’t know any of them yet their smiles softened my heart. It was my first time to hear the word SUPPLICA and I wondered what it was all about.  It was only during the latter part of this special event that I understood its meaning and how important it is to our Congregation.

January 31 was the most awaited day for each Rogate Family member, an event where the “family” gathered and had fun and most importantly reflected on the benefits God has showered upon each one.  It was a really fun-filled day and each of us enjoyed it.  The air of friendship, camaraderie, and togetherness of  one real family prevailed over the entire celebration. How awesome it was!

Allow me to share some insights on the three keywords of the theme of the celebration namely: Remembering, Celebrating, and Sharing:

  • Remembering:  we remember the 125th year of the coming of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament in the Avignone Quarters.  This signifies the primacy of Jesus’ presence and the Eucharist in our life.
  • Celebrating: that this is an experience of a thanksgiving celebration on the graces received in the past year; also we celebrate the greatness of God for his abiding presence in our Institute.
  • Sharing: posits each one to a challenge of living the Divine Command, “Rogate Ergo”, in order to share and proclaim it to others.

With this celebration I was then made to ponder as to how I give importance to the Holy Eucharist as I declare to walk with Christ. I then realized that what mattered the most is not the how to remember, how to celebrate, and how to share but have I accepted the love of Christ and embraced it with all my heart?  Thus, I beseech God to help me love him!

Aspirant Joan Ogang

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