Because God provides

Facade and main gate of the new building

My stay  at Tahanang Carmela D’Amore, a home providing residential care for children, is indeed a great inspiration and I  learned so much. I witnessed the abundant and overflowing blessings that God provides.  It’s true, He never leaves us in times of need.  If some friends or benefactors leave us God never does.  He never leaves us orphans.  And yet there are times that we do worry.  We always have enough for the day, so why worry? He always provide us with people who will help us financially, spiritually and morally. I have witnessed the ups and downs of the community due to changes in personnel but still it recovers and survives because it is God’s project. My stay here has been for many years (I already had three superiors, and a good number of sisters), I experienced the difficulty of adjustment but I believe this is all part of the beauty of community life.

I have seen also the realization of a long time dream… a new home for our assisted girls. It was done this year and was blessed in February 2012. The Mass was presided by Fr Ronie Fajardo SVD. It was attended by our sisters from the different communities and also some of our friends and benefactors.  We were honoured with the presence, most especially, of Nelson and Phil from Australia, our two friends who spearheaded the construction of this new home. We are truly very grateful to them because their help was not only financial but we truly felt their care for our congregation and for our children.  Their generosity is only just a part and a concrete gesture of God’s generosity. I appreciate Nelson’s efforts in the preparation for the blessing of the building – he helped us in many ways:  the aesthetics of the garden, ensuring that every room of the new home had something unique, careful preparation of the delicious food.

One of the important things that I learned and that I am glad about is that the ambiance of the house has a special touch for the children. Their art works or projects which were done under the supervision and artistic inputs of Nelson were displayed all over the place.  Nelson planned every detail of the home having in his mind and heart what is best for the CHILDREN, making them feel that they are a great part in this home. Above all I was inspired by Nelson’s zeal, creativity, enthusiasm, dedication, great joy, etc. He helped me reflect and evaluate my own commitment as a sister, as a house parent, as an educator. I thank God and my superiors for my experiences in this apostolate.

Sr M Cielo Tanio fdz

If you would like to help support this project for children, please get in touch.

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