To remember, to celebrate and to share

I give you thanks O Father, in the Name of Jesus for the wonderful experiences I had had during the gathering on 31 January 2012 in Navotas, Laoag City, Philippines.  I praise you for this “Year of the Eucharist” in which the Rogate Family celebrates in lieu of the 125th anniversary of July the First which is the coming of Jesus and established His permanent dwelling among us – in the Blessed Sacrament – in Avignone Quarters.  Not only this, the Daughters of Divine Zeal also celebrates its 125th Year of its Foundation.

I am constantly grateful for the perseverance of all the members of the Rogate Family particularly for calling each one of us from the different areas of our apostolate. Hence, we are here gathered as one to Remember…to Celebrate…to Share.

As one BIG Rogate Family, the spirit of togetherness, camaraderie, happiness, and LOVE envelop the entire celebration. For me, what is significant about the celebration is that it brings us all closer to Jesus Christ our Lord as characterized by our closeness and unity evident in all the arrangements.  And I am certain that this is not only during this gathering, each feels committed to live and nourish good and healthy relationships each moment of our life so as to become authentic witnesses of Jesus’ command to pray that the Lord of the Harvest may send more and holy labourers into His Harvest.

Moreover, the event of that day would have been futile without the GRAND SUPLICA. It is something that really touched me.  The moment when we were all invited to remember and to give thanks for all the graces we had received and to ask for more graces that would sustain us in our journey both spiritually and morally made me realise the bounty of God’s mercy and I acknowledged his encompassing love for me and for all.  Another breathtaking and heartrending event was the lighting of the Japanese Lanterns at the Sunset Liturgy which turned out to be a moonlight liturgy. For me, it was a sign that Jesus Christ our Lord will always come and shine upon me in my journey that I may not go into the deepest darkness,  and with Christ as the LIGHT on my path I may be able to go through it and come out brilliantly shining, armed with holy virtues. (So Help Me God.)

Doesn’t Jesus tell us to ask for anything of the Father in His name?  “Ask and you will receive… and your joy will be complete” (Jn 16:24).  As I journey with great enthusiasm, I ask You O Lord to continually bless me with the gift of perseverance, of faith and LOVE. Sustain me with your grace so I may continue to respond, with generosity and fidelity, to your call to become a living witness of your Divine Command, ROGATE.

Aspirant Kresensiana Yoma

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