I have called you… you are precious to me…

Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled and ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way.  We feel as though we are worthless.  But each decision we make has value. The decision which each of us Formands made few years back was a great challenge to conquer that “Path” that would make us Journey with Him, who has called us.  Indeed, God called each of us by our name… and each of us answered His call.

I have called you… you are precious to me… was the theme of our recollection facilitated by Fr Alfonso, RCJ, last  May.  It helped us looked deeply into our journey and know ourselves better.

On the first day, we were asked to make gifts which helped us identify who we are inside and out.  We felt  awkward and excited when we were asked to share the gift we prepared with each other.  The activity made us learn the true meaning of gifts in our lives and the purpose of these gifts.

On the second day, we learned how much God loves us and how precious we are to Him through the love letter He wrote for us.  To better understand this love, we were made to listen to a song entitled:   “Who am I?” It was a song that struck everybody and challenged each one to reflect.   An after activity was a sharing where we learned from each other our difficulties and struggles in life. With this song we discovered that we are very precious to God and that our life has more value than money or any treasure the world can contain.  In the afternoon  session, we were given various verses to reflect upon and we learned from the group sharing the different experiences we had of the goodness of God’s love. Then we created our individual symbol and shared it to the big group. As the two days ended, each of us felt God’s love and our “preciousness”.  In conclusion, we expressed our reflections on the two-day recollection  in a form of  a prayer.

Indeed Christ is really merciful and full of love for us.  The recollection really helped us to discern and deepen our  Journey  in the Religious Life.  It awakened our hearts to live holy lives.

Aspirant Joan and Aspirant Herlina

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