Need or Desire?

On Sunday 20 May 2012 our co-aspirants, together with our formator, Sr Juanita went to the RiverBanks Mall. We were very happy and excited because our formator gave us P50 (Philippine pesos) each.

At 9:30 am we left the house. We wanted to save the money for a tricycle ride later and so we walked through the street leading to the Mall. We enjoyed the walk looking around and meeting people on the street. Arriving at the River Banks we waited for a while for it was still close and while waiting for the Mall to open, we looked around and saw a big pair of shoes. When the Mall was finally opened, Sr Juanita divided us in pairs Vero and Joan, Yustina and Ersin, Tuyen and Bich, Herlin and Illon and gave us the opportunity to buy according to what we would like to have that is within our budget.

We enjoyed very much roaming around with P50 in our pockets. We were careful to use that money. While we were still in the convent we planned so well what to buy, something that we really needed, but when we saw many things on display – and all of them were beautiful – many desires came to our mind.  We were very thankful to God because we were able to buy the things that we really needed.  Every desire we had, we just bought with our eyes.  At 11:30am all of us met at the second door of the Mall, happy with the things we were able to buy and went back home walking under the heat of the sun, but with great joy deep within us.

On that day we learned a lot – how to use the money entrusted to us and the joy that comes from having simple things.  We are aware that in the religious life poverty is one of the vows that we live everyday. Our Formator gave us money not because we have money, and not because we could just buy something that we want, but because we could practice how to make use of the money and how to distinguish what we really need from what we desire.  This experience made us understand that in the Religious Life it is important to live in a simple way, making what “we need” our choices and not what we “want” or what we “desire”.

Aspirant Yustina & Aspirant Veronica

Image source: Thinking Woman by Jiri Hodan


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