In the name of unity, friendship and filial love

We remember… We celebrate… We share…

The Eucharistic Year celebration in the Philippines was indeed a momentous event for all of  the Daughters of Divine Zeal, Rogationists and lay collaborators, friends and benefactors.

In the gathering, we remembered the time when Jesus finally came to our Institute and dwelt in our midst, and this we celebrate every year.

In 2012 we celebrate the 125th year of foundation.  This is a special time for us as a Rogate family to gather as one to share with one another the joy brought about by the celebration.

In our gathering, I felt the great bond amongst the Rogationists, the Daughters of Divine Zeal and those who belong to the Rogate family. There was an atmosphere of unity, good camaraderie, joy and love.

I greatly enjoyed the “Eucha-race”. It was such a memorable experience for me to join in the games – and these were not easy! Sometimes they were so tiring and difficult! What made them so good, however,  was the unity and camaraderie formed and created in each team.

I belonged to the Green Team. Our team was very nice. We were always the last one to finish in any game but in the end we were proclaimed the winner.

I saw the beauty of our team. All participated in the games. We cared for one another. We had a great time.

It was not a matter of competition but of unity, enjoyment and camaraderie.
We were all perspiring, dirty, tired yet we had fun! Smiles and laughter were on the faces of everybody.

In the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, the moment of adoration for the Grand Supplica, the song and dance presentations, the games; we were all gathered as ONE with ONE purpose, ONE celebration… in the event, we became ONE FAMILY.

Aspirant Gayzel

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